VOMO is a new digital tool to quickly and easily get you connected with all the ways we are offering Christ, nurturing others, and serving all at Auburn UMC and beyond! The Auburn UMC Volunteer Hub on the VOMO app or website is like a menu at a restaurant where you can sign up for local service opportunities, ministry trainings, mission & disaster relief teams, interest groups, volunteering for church events & ministries, and more. Use the links below to explore the Volunteer Hub, setup your VOMO account, or download the VOMO app today!

Check out the Volunteer Hub to browse all service opportunities by clicking the image above! You can also download the VOMO app on your smartphone using the links below and login to view the Volunteer Hub.

Login Here

Create a new VOMO account using your email address so you can access the Auburn UMC Volunteer Hub! You can also download the VOMO app on your smartphone using the links below to create a new account – just click “Join Your Organization” and then use the invite code “AUBURNUMC.”

Create Account

Have any questions regarding VOMO?? Check out the link below for some FAQs about how to get set up.

More Info

Get The App

Download the app and login to access the Volunteer Hub! You can use the app to setup a new account too. Just click “Join Your Organization”, and use the invite code “AUBURNUMC”


What is our “Invitation Code”? 

Use AUBURNUMC (no spaces) as the invitation code if you are asked to provide this while creating your account.

How do I create a VOMO account?

You have 2 options to create an account:

  1. Use your computer’s web browser – just click the “Create New Account” image above. When the new page loads, click the green “Create Account” button. Fill out the form shown on the next page. Be sure to take note of the password you create! Once the form is complete, click the green “Register” button at the bottom of the form. If there are no errors to correct on the form, the Auburn UMC Volunteer Hub will be shown and you’re now ready to sign up to serve!
  2. Use the VOMO smartphone app – click the app download link above for your phone (iPhone or Android). Open the VOMO app after it downloads and click the blue “Join Your Organization” button. Enter the invitation code AUBURNUMC on the next screen and click “Continue.” Fill out the form on the next screen and then click “Register.” If there are no errors to correct, you’ll be shown the Auburn UMC Volunteer Hub and you’re now ready to sign up to serve!
What if I forget my password? 

No worries! Just click here and then enter your email address. Then click the green “Send Password Reset Link” button. After a few seconds, you should receive an email from VOMO with the subject “VOMO Password Reset.” Open this email and click the green “Reset Your Password” button. This will open a new web page with a form for you to enter your email address and a new password.

How do I find VOMO?

Just click the “Volunteer Hub” button shown above or just open the VOMO app on your smartphone if you have downloaded it.

What do I use VOMO to do?

Think of VOMO like a menu at a restaurant except VOMO shows you all the ways you can serve with Auburn UMC! This includes ministries and events within the church like greeters and the Wednesday Night Supper crew as well as mission and outreach ministries. Some VOMO projects have specific dates, times, and volunteer roles associated with them; others are more like “interest groups” that you can join to get more information or be notified when a specific volunteer opportunity arises (these are called “Anytime” projects in VOMO).

Do you want to ask a different question or do you need more hands-on support? 

Please email vomo@aumc.net and an Auburn UMC staff person will contact you to help!