Jesus Christ calls us all to “Follow Him,” (Mark 1:16-20). Throughout the month of October 2017, many of our Sunday School classes and small groups will be focusing on the study A Disciple’s Heart by James Harnish and Justin LaRosa. This reading is a Bible study which highlights how we grow in God’s love and grace as followers of Jesus Christ.  Our Sunday sermons will also focus on ways we walk with God and live faithful lives. We hope that you will make plans to participate in these special worship services and find time to join in one of the small-group classes.

During this month of October as we focus on growing as followers of Christ, we will offer opportunities for every member to respond to the call of Christ and make a personal commitment of their prayers, presence, gifts, witness and service. Please watch your mail in the coming weeks and prepare to receive an Estimate of Giving card and a Time and Talent survey.  We will bring our commitment cards to the altar of the church on October 29, Commitment Sunday. This will be a holy moment for each of us to prayerfully respond to God’s love and grace freely given to each of us.

We invite you to be in prayer for your church as we study and learn together, and seek to grow in our walk with Jesus Christ.

Spiritual Gifts

Recently Cory and Charles invited us to consider taking a spiritual gifts assessment.

We have provided a link below to an online assessment that is easy, quick, free, and private. No one will know the results of your assessment unless you choose to share it. (Which, by the way, we hope you will share your gifts with ALL THE WORLD!)