BEYOND Our Doors

We believe the church is not confined within the walls of a building, but that it is a community of believers that exists to glorify God wherever they are.  Likewise we believe the mission of the church cannot be limited to study and service within the confines of the church building. Missions starts the moment you step out the door and for that reason AUMC offers opportunities to serve locally and regionally.  Missions is not only a one week experience every year or so, but something that should be done throughout the year. BEYOND our Doors exists to facilitate those opportunities for every age and skill level in our church. We invite you to find a place of regular service in our local community.

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Early Response Team (ERT)

Disaster Recovery Team

North Dakota Mission Trip

Community Workdays

Around the World Weekend

Learn & Serve

Cycle of Service


Sweat Week

UMCOR Cleaning Buckets