AUMC’s support of mission teams and of the local Bolivian community of Quesimpuco has made a significant improvement in the living conditions of the indigenous Quechua Indians who live high in the Andes Mountains. Partnering with Servants in Faith and Technology (SIFAT), AUMC has worked for years to help Quesimpuco become a medical and educational center for more than 40 communities in the region through the establishment of a local school and dormitories, as well as a fully-functional health clinic. Prior to AUMC’s involvement, healthcare was non-existent in this remote area and public school was only available through the third grade. Now, local healthcare providers have been trained to improve the health and life quality of the local people and the infant mortality rate has significantly reduced. With the support of AUMC, one local high school graduate has completed her medical degree in the capital city of La Paz and has become Quesimpuco’s full-time doctor. Other projects include implementing a power system for the clinic and construction of a community center, church, community kitchen, and dining hall.

We completed a 350 foot bridge across a nearby river in 2010 to increase access to these community services. For two decades, AUMC has provided basic health care and necessary construction to the people of Quesimpuco. Along the way, we have seen them grow in their faith, build new churches and congregations, and work with us to spread the love of Christ in this remote area. This has been, and will continue to be, a truly successful long-term development project. Current teams provide medical and dental care, vet medicine, and construction/engineering support.