Prayer Ministries

Prayer pagers provide a tangible way to communicate God's love to those experiencing difficult circumstances. A pager recipient will know when they have been prayed for and their pager number is called. Please join us in this new ministry as we offer individual prayers to those in need.

How the Pagers Work

As the Spirit of God prompts you, first PRAY for these individuals, and then CALL their prayer pager number. Simply dial "111#" after the tone, and then hang up. The recipient does not answer, and you will not have to talk, nor will the pager reveal the number where the call originates. Your prayer will then be delivered to the person for whom you prayed. The following lists the current pagers issued.

Local Pager List

NamePager NumberSorted By Pager Number In Ascending Order
Debbie Pegues334-742-5209
Michelle Granberry334-742-5210
Kevin Brown334-742-5211
Mark Waldrip334-742-5212
Alexis Yount (Cynthia & Alan Yount's daughter)334-742-5218
Reba Gulledge334-742-5219
Wesley-Kate Crocker (granddaughter of Bari Hodges) 334-742-5221
Jeremy Kempfer & Family334-742-5222
Linda Cole334-742-5223
Tammy Sanford334-742-5226
Elaine Barksdale334-742-5234
Carly Parker & Family334-742-5241
The Lett Family334-742-5246

Regional Pager List

NamePager Number
Carol Ann Holmes334-742-5239
Harrison Leff334-742-5228
Allen McCord334-742-5240